Luum Zama: Tulum’s New Community

There is a place that could fit that hidden inner dream that will allow you to break out of your routine and humdrum life.

Do you want a change to your environment? An adjustment in latitude could possibly help! There is a place that could fit that hidden inner dream that will allow you to break out of your routine and humdrum life. Tulum is rapidly becoming one of the premier destinations in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. In fact, just in 2016, this eco-chic city saw a 76% increase in tourism, according to Forbes. This up-and-coming, trend-setting town has an alter ego that has a mystical effect on people. Tulum hides many historical attractions amongst the jungle which you can explore. Or you can enjoy a laid back lifestyle. Hence, Tulum’s new community, Luum Zama, is the perfect place to call home.

Welcome to Luum Zama

Luum Zama is a community within the exclusive development of Aldea Zama. Developers commit to preserving its surrounding beauty by blending eco-friendly architectural design alongside the lush tropical landscape. The master plan includes a variety of condo complexes that satisfy a low maintenance and simple-living format. Unlike other areas, Luum Zama strays from the large complexes and focuses on boutique and private lifestyles. It also offers stand-alone homes that can be built to spec or completely designed by its prospective owner. Either way, you choose to enjoy your serenity. Nothing is more soothing than inviting the outdoor living in.

Moreover, Tulum’s Luum Zama amenities are virtually endless. They range from nature-friendly living, artistic zen vibes and an active and healthy lifestyle. There are plenty of trails to bike and walk along while enjoying the canopying trees and exotic landscapes. Enjoy one of the several fresh spring-fed water cenotes hidden amongst the jungle terrain. You might want to consider taking some time to meditate, do a little yoga and then enjoy a relaxing spa treatment in its amenity center. For the days you feel like working out, Luum Zama has an open-air gym. If you feel like enjoying some fun in the sun, you can spend some quiet time around the pool or work on your tan while relaxing on Tulum’s pristine beaches.

Dynamic Energy and Endless Options

Luum Zama encourages a healthy lifestyle, too, balancing with its environmental qualities. The diversification, cultural enrichment and pursuit of a gratifying life experience is brought to the forefront in one of the most dynamic places on earth. If you are visiting the area for the first time or enjoying a repeat stay, you will experience how warm and welcoming the feeling really is. The community appreciates life as it’s supposed to be. Immerse yourself in this tranquil style. Everyone wants to own in such a magnificent place as this vibrant Tulum community.

Not only is the community amazing itself, but the area is home to a variety of eco-friendly developments with amazing prices. These make for great investment opportunities and vacation homes, with promising return on investment and a guaranteed relaxed lifestyle. These developments also offer their private amenities, making no excuse for an all-inclusive experience in Tulum.